Photo cred: @raphael

Photo cred: @raphael

The aesthetics of college life dining. (at Grossmont College)

The aesthetics of college life dining. (at Grossmont College)

A lovely gift from the Ron Weasley to my Hermione Granger.

A lovely gift from the Ron Weasley to my Hermione Granger.

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Michelle Rodriguez laying down truths

That third gif also sums up the reason why so many queer women in fiction get treated like shit and why we barely get acknowledged as existing at all

These pathetic excuses for writers have no idea how to write a woman who doesn’t want to fuck a man


white girls who want my culture’s bindis and saris and henna 

take my skin colour too

and my dark brown lips

take my self-hatred because i don’t fit into the euro-centric ideals of beauty

take the oppression too

take the history of colonization that has devastated my country

and the drones that currently devastate my country

take all the bad stuff too

not just the pretty, shiny, sparky bits

take the ugly, dehumanizing and shitty parts too



all the things i ship ★ april ludgate and andy dwyer

april, you are the most awesome person i have ever known in my entire life. i vow to protect you. from danger. and i don’t care if i have to fight an ultimate fighter, or a bear, or him. your mom. i would take them down. i’m getting mad right now even telling you. i wanna spend the rest of my life, every minute with you, and i am the luckiest man in the galaxy.

ideal couple alert



It’s finally happening.
Donald Glover is Miles Morales as Spider-Man.







Get to know me

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Name: Chloe.

Birthday: January 2nd.

Favorite color: Yellow.

Lucky number: 8.

Height: 5’5”

Talents: I can give good warm hugs & I can wash lab glassware like a pro.

Last dream you remember: I was sitting down with these two kids who were supposed to be my future grandchildren & we were playing video games. While playing, they kept asking me about the cool “retro” games their grandpa & I played when I we were younger. They said things like “Wow, Assassin’s Creed?! That game is a classic! The graphics are terrible though.” & “YOU’RE OLDER THAN THE PLAYSTATION?!?! You must be like 100 years old!”.

Can you juggle: Nope.

Art/sports/both: I wish I could say both but I was always more of an art person. I really like playing sports though. I’m just bad at them.

Do you like writing: Yes, I do.

Do you like dancing: I love it & I am terrible at it.

Do you like singing: I adore it, but I don’t like my voice very much. I often like to sing terribly to “pretend” that I’m just pretending to be bad but, in reality, I really am bad.

Dream vacation: Puebla in the fall.

Dream guy/gal: gingerwithoutacause. I have liked him for a really long time, but I didn’t really know how I felt about it all or what to do or whether I really wanted something to actually happen between us or anything for a reeaaalllllyy long time. All I really knew was that I wanted to hangout with him whenever I could & that I wanted to make sure he was safe & happy. Even now that we’re dating, I really see him as simply my best friend. The person I can tell everything to & the one who can always cheer me up when I’m down. I get to call him lame names & hold his hand without feeling weird about it now, but nothing much has changed.

Dream wedding: I don’t really know. I love outdoor weddings, but I also love ball gown dresses. I guess I would have an indoor winter themed wedding with some Doctow Who references in the mix. For example having Dalek wedding toppers on the cake like that post I saw on Pinterest ages ago. But, a nice outdoors fall wedding sounds nice too. I want all weddings possible & I also want to attend all weddings & I just love weddings.

Dream pet: Hedgehog or ducks.

Dream job: Science teacher, science museum curator, and/or NASA Public Affairs Specialist.

Favorite song: ”Fluorescent Adolescent” by Arctic Monkeys.

Favorite album: Are You Experienced? by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Last song you heard on the radio: “Play That Funky Music” by Wild Cherry.

Least favorite song: ”You Belong To Me” by Taylor Swift & “Girlfriend” by Avril Lavigne. Because feminine can be awesome too & bashing femininity isn’t very feminist. 

Least favorite album: The Best Damn Thing by Avril Lavigne.

Least favorite artist: Avril Lavigne.

Guys/girls/both: I generally develop crushes on guys. However, I think we can all agree that girls are always 10x more attractive.

Hair color: Hm, I don’t really have a preference. I suppose dark hair, maybe. I really like curly hair though. So, dark & wavy or curly is nice.

Eye color: Brown or a dark hazel.

Humorous/serious: Definitely humorous. Always humorous. Yes. But, it would be nice if the humor wasn’t ridiculously sexist or racist or any -ist possible, because that’s just not gonna fly with me.

Taller/shorter: I used to pine for taller, but I really don’t care anymore. Wonderboy is an inch taller than me so I guess we’re good there. Meh.

Biggest turn-off: Ridiculously sexist/racist/insensitive humor & manipulative behavior.

Biggest turn-on: Tickling, cuddles, giggling, warm hugs, & calling me a “magical cutie”. 

I tag victoriazee, gingerwithoutacause, dabogirly, qisforquaesitosaurus, llytix, & 051124324315.

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